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The garden fence

  • Quality of innovation
  • Adhere to the market as the guidance、In science and technology as the leading。

    Successively invested a lot of manpower、Material resources,Under the coordination of efficient management,The company will be market information rapidly into valuable information for decision making,Formed a complete set of new product development、Development、Sales mechanism。

  • Business philosophy
  • Create a good atmosphere、Rally talents、Looking for room to improve。

    Scientific research personnel for effective technical research organization,Major progress was made in metal surface treatment,Through special process and processing method,Realize the zinc steel surface under the condition of daily do not fade、Don't rust,Gain recognition from dealers and customers。

  • After installation
  • The flattening management mode,The fastest response to the information needs of customers,At the same time of strictly to ensure product quality,Ensure timely product delivery、Accuracy,Attaches great importance to the product installation and after-sales service。

    The installation personnel strict training or preparations for the job,And by using the modern management means each technical personnel for installation quality assessment service,Ensure that the installation of the product to achieve the industry lead。

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Wu Hanxin weiye technology co., LTD

The company is located in wuhan of hubei province,Is a professional supplier, wrought iron garden fence,In steel structure industry。Company to distribution(Make to order) Wrought iron garden fence,The backbone of the company are in steel structure industry for more than 10 years of experience,Able to provide a full range of solutions and services to the customers。The company insists on“By the good faith is the foundation of the life,On the foundation of good faith to establish a career”,“Honest and trustworthy”The operating principles,Working with customers to establish long-term cooperative partnership,With professional responsibility and good faith service won industry recognition and customer favor,Sincere cooperation,Achieve a win-win situation,Create a better future。

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