118,047,414.00 Yuan
The cumulative amount of investment(Updated on a daily basis)
8358 positio
Total enrollment(Updated on a daily basis)
799 Pen
The total number of pens(Updated on a daily basis)
1,562,350.42 Yuan
As investors have earned(Updated on a daily basis)

Focus on the supply chain finance

- Low investment threshold -
100Yuan investment
Investment is more simple
- A fair and just -
The entrepreneurship
For the public service
- Safeguard -
A variety of risk control measures
Invest more at ease
The project nameAnnual returnThe total projectReimbursement deadlineThe completed progressState
The new standard,The first1Period--Personal consumption loan12.0%¥10,000Yuan15Days 100%Reimbursement
Guangxi platinum lang refined petroleum products1Period-Test standard10.8%¥100Yuan33Days 100%Has been payment
Help—The essence of logistics2Period10.8%¥10,000Yuan40Days 100%Reimbursement
The essence of logistics1Period10.8%¥5,000Yuan41Days 100%Reimbursement
Corporate finance-Warom hui xin first6Period10.0%¥200,000Yuan45Days 100%Reimbursement
Even Mr Personal consumption loan12.0%¥10,000Yuan30Days 100%Has been payment
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