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    The brand is introduced

    Inheriting classic Innovative genre

    Domestic pearl milk founder—Small tiger tea,Thanks500Method to secrete recipe of all ages

    One thousand ancient craft combined with modern tea master inspiration to water

    The new mode in new Internet tea as the carrier

    With the help of aAIInteractive experience marketing innovation social fresh tea drinks and rapid fire

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    Choose milk tea to join in6Big sole support


    • Brand advantage

      You can use the intellectual property rights,Including the micro scale、The name、Trademark of legitimate business activities,This is our guarantee and commitment to the franchisees and consumers。

    • Resources support

      The world's leading intelligent resource management

      Headquarters for franchisees to provide high-end professional machines and high quality milk tea raw materials。

    • Advertising support

      During the milk tea shop opened headquarters to help franchisees propaganda

      Each big mainstream news media、The Internet、Offline magazines such as universal coverage。

    • Support technical advantage

      Headquarters provide milk tea production of learning、Technical training for each franchisees to solve to look。

    • Service advantages

      Provide service training headquarters for free、Open a shop before simulation training

      Milk tea shop to join operations team set up shop、To store the instruction。

    • Area protection support

      Joining chain exclusivity

      Exclusive to operate within the scope of business circle,Hundreds of thousands of people take a store。

    Milk tea joining process

    Product display

    With a grapefruit

    With a grapefruit

    Ruby tea milk cover

    Ruby tea milk cover

    Small tiger fresh fruit tea

    Small tiger fresh fruit tea

    Small brown sugar tiger tea

    Small brown sugar tiger tea

    Oreo bobo tea

    Oreo bobo tea

    The little man this product

    The little man this product


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    • How much money to prepare early set up shop?

      Initial capital including gold、Margin、Shop decoration、All the equipment、Brand authorization、Open a shop metal materials、Personnel training),Contains no store rent、The store staff recruitment salary expenses, etc。Different regions have certain difference,Please leave a message directly to the project will give you reply accurate put money directly。

      【Carried out】
    • May I have a client management milk tea its franchisees?

      Have to do,As a manager,Not as an investment project。Currently only open in guangzhou、Hangzhou、Ningbo、Suzhou、Nanjing、Guangzho、Fuzhou、Shenzhen、Wuxi、Changsha、Wuhan、Chengdu to join us,In the open in succession(Other area online consulting, please)。

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    • Need to be ready to store it in advance before interview?

      Don't have to。Please again after prior to qualify as the first stage to join。

      【Carried out】

    News and information

    Swing with time,Fame is only a matter of time

    「Qiao tea」Little fairy exclusive photos of the holy land,Smile was beautiful to suffocate,Bring their own marketing propagation properties,In the circle of friends fry red.

    【Carried out】
    High praise100%,Girls wish tea shop

    「Qiao tea」Delicious and good-looking meal drink dew shop,Sun circle、Forward、Trill social platforms such as the screen on the transmission,Netizens have leave a message,Want to experience.

    【Carried out】
    Flowers crystal frozen series tea and sweets,Lie between screen powder

    「Qiao tea」Qiao characteristics of tea tea and independent research and development of desserts,Elegant and delicate earn enough attention,Consumers viscosity100%,Don't buy from hand.

    【Carried out】
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    After the success of the message,Head will be24Reply to you within hours,Enables you to this project for more understanding。
    Grasp the opportunity,Grab business,Leave a message to you interested in projects,Is the first step on the road to success!
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