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Shenzhen hai bo automation system co., LTDHai bo control was established2006Years

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Contact hai bo,Customize a set of control system of their own

10Years experience in industrial automation control,Siemens best dealer

Hai bo self-control-Siemens best dealer、System integrators!10Years of industry experience,Focus on engineering automation,Small and medium-sized enterprises to provide automation equipment form a complete set of control solutions。

The product model is complete,The inventory is enough,100%Home furnishings,According to customer requirements, according to open17%The VAT invoice,Outside the non-artificial damage,All the products2Years warranty。

Professional r&d team

It happened10Years of engineering research and development team,Skilled,Actual combat experience,Accordance with the requirements of customers design and development,Do best for customersPLCAutomation control system。

German quality,Authentic sources,With stable application system and after-sales service for life,Which can reduce the cost of after-sales service,Let you after all。

Many industry system solutions

In solar energy、Water and electricity industry、Machinery manufacturing、Light textile and other industries,Has numerous successful cases;Technology involving the switch quantity logic control、Analog control、Motion control、The process control and data processing, etc。

Choose us,Control scheme design is the most cost savings for you,Effectively solve the high cost、Low efficiency problem。

全方位一站式服务,Programming with high efficiency

One-stop service from previous consultation-The project design-Equipment selection-Write a program-The scene debugging-After sales support,Programming with high efficiency。

According to the requirements of customers design and development,Perfect solve your technical difficult problem,Let you after all。

All-the-way tracking service,Terminate the production of suffering

7*24Hours phone service,If you have any questions at any time the response。

If the quality of the product problems,We can give you return!

About us

About Us
About us

Hai bo in electrical research and development、Design,Enable customers to have belongs to own a set of control system。Including according to the technological requirements of electrical matching、Typography、Circuit diagram、PLCProgram development、Touch screen data、On-site installation acceptance and a series of electrical processes,So as to express the unique advantages of the product。[To check the details]