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·The development of low voltage apparatus and new technology
  Since1995Years,Our country electric power industry maintained a fast growth。To the2004At the end of the year,The installed capacity in China4.4Hundred millionkW,2004Power generating capacity is2.1TrillionskW·h。According to estimates,To the2010The installed capacity will reach in our country7Hundred millionkW,2020The years will reach10kW。Power-generating capacity increased as on a yearly basis2000WankWCalculation(Conservative),Every year…
The development of low voltage apparatus and new technology
 2007/7/16  | The world power with high voltage switch market analysis   
 2007/7/16  | The development of low voltage apparatus and new technology   
 2007/7/14  | Turning to high frequency switch power components products type   
YPM3LMiniature residual current circuit breaker
YPM3LThe micro leakage…
ZLM·SMiniature circuit breaker with external control(Pre-paid meters dedicated circuit breakers)
ZLM·SSmall break…
ZLM65Miniature circuit breaker
ZLM65Small break…

Zhejiang yaumcha fire monitoring samples

2015The latest sample
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