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Network security for hosting rose powder leader

Professional rose powder,Safety precision,Efficient and convenient

Nine Amoy data network for safe custody and powder

Formal Security Easy

For multiple industries WeChat rose powder solution
Focus on the network for advertising Financial website promotion and powder Personal WeChat ID add powder Network marketing and powder And so on
The accuracy of more than a dozen industry rose powder solution,For the public, rose powder more accurate
What can we help you to solve?
Website promotion Personal WeChat ID add powder Small program promotion WeChat promotion Copywriting
Traffic Lord opened Fans of fission The public operations

We can provide what service on Internet for promotion?

What are our network for promotion and powder channels

Why choose us for hosting drainage
Nine Amoy data—Rose powder experts WeChat security

Guangzhou nine new information technology co., LTD. Team members are from the network for marketing professional, and have many years of experience in network marketing elite,Focus on the medium enterprises provide one-stop network for hosting solutions,The company business scope including bid managed、For promotion of outsourcing、For promotion,Surrounding WeChat WeChat operations such as one-stop integrated marketing services network。Can provide specialist consultant for the national each big small and medium-sized enterprise one-to-one promotion consulting service network for drainage。

The enterprise culture

Vision:Do a great Internet for advertising company!

Mission:Help enterprises to zero risk rose powder,Realize the customer benefit maximization

Values:Freedom、Equality、Cooperation、Innovation、Focus、Fast、Embrace change、Customer first

Business philosophy
  • All customer success as the benchmark;
  • Pay attention to long-term development,Don't hurt customer value by commercial interests;
  • Attention and deep understanding of customer needs,With excellent products and service to meet customer requirements;
  • Attaches great importance to the emotional communication with the customers,Respect the customer experience,Growing together with customers;
  • Follow the ideals of achievement on others is their own,Strive to make customer success。
3000W+Accumulated powder20W+Add powder3000+The customer80%+Customer rate100%Attentively service

Guangzhou nine for network marketing,For promotion
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