Vision of jingdezhen porcelain industry co., LTD., founded in2005Years,The registered capital440Wan,The company is located in startan GuCheng Road hi-tech development zone6Number。Vision of the ceramics is a focus on high-end ceramics for daily use and ethnic minority research using the porcelain products、Development、Production and sales of high-tech enterprises。Company's technical and research and development strength,By the relevant departments of the selection for our country“Ethnic minorities with porcelain and the special products”Designated factory。Evaluated by the municipal government also“Leading export enterprises”。

The company since its establishment,With the support from the social from all walks of life,Through all staff's hard work,Unremitting efforts,Make the enterprise from small to large rolling development,Now has assets3000Ten thousand yuan,Existing staff of more than two hundred people......

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The phone:0798-8335733
Vision of jingdezhen porcelain industry co., LTD
Address:Also the high-tech zone GuCheng Road1Number